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You may be eligible to receive 100,000 JPY COVID-19 payout from Japanese government

There is some space in my mind to transmit this information to the foreign residents in Japan but I haven't done this till now. Thus I try to give you a short breif these information above and add some more information below.

 Who is elible to get 100,000JPY Payout?

Anyone who is on the basic resident register as of April 27, 2020, i.e. who has his/her residental card (ZAIRYU Card)

Check your residental card (ZAIRYU CARD) status 
  1. Please check that your current address is whether written  or not on residental card(ZAIRYU Card).
  2. If your current address is written on it , Japanese government will post you the application to apply 100,000 JPY. 
  3. If your former address is written on residental card, please go to register change of address at nearest city hall. Then you will receive the application by post as well. You must have below documents to proceed to register change of address.

    1. Residental Card(ZAIRYU Card) 
    2. Documentry Proof of address, such as electricity receipt, water receipt ,gas  receipt, Leace of Agreement, etc.     
    3. Move out Certificate if you moved to another city

    I am not sure about Moved out Certificate(Tenshutsu syomeisho), please contact to nearest city hall before proceeding.

  4. If you have regidental card(ZAIRYU Card) but never have registerd as a resident, please contact to NPO, they may help you.
  5. If you don't have residental card(ZAIRYU Card), please contact NPO as well. 

I don't belong to these organization below, so anything related to below links, please contact them directly.

For Vietnamese resident in Japan, please check out below link that offer the information of payout in Vietnamese language.

How to apply 100,000 JPY COVID-19 payout from Japanese government

I am not sure yet which document is really required to apply by post.
Please wait until it is decided by Japanese government.
These below documents may be required.

By post
  1. Photocopy of Identify verification documents, such as Residental Card, Drivers's licence, My Number Card, etc.
  2. Photocopy of beneficiary account verification documents, such as debit card, passbook, etc.
By internet

You need to prepare below

  1. My Number Card
  2. Smartphone which can use as a IC card reader  or PC and IC card reder, which can read My Number Card 

Then please apply 100,000JPY through Mynaportal(You are unable to apply April 30th 2020 now)


This IC card reader is what I have bought for filling TAX returns of 2021 and it can read My Number Card.  

You can see some sreenshots when you register Mynaportal first time in my Japanese blog post.