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Writing Practice:Make a daily habit, Day3 "How do I write?"

This is blog and pubished in internet and I hope someone will read blog as well as my Japanese blog. Thus today I would like to share maybe what is intersting for the readers as well. That is how I prepare writing in Japanese.


First: To decide what topic I write

This is what I do first preparation to commence writing. Topic should be what I interested in, not just really meet  the topic in which people are interested.

In blog,  we tend to write the topic  which we don't have any interest but people have.Because most of bloggers have strong self-esteem needs or many page views and engagement for their business.  I try to avoid to write the topic only which can hit in internet but try to write in which I really interested.

Topic can be anything and no need to be too big. We can write whatever we w'd like to write but it is not to against puplic policy in blog.

To note anything related to the topic is the second procedure to prepare for my writing . Maybe it can be more effient to use Mindmap to note them than not to use. Mindmap gives vivid images of the topic and inspirative as well. Visual image can often give many ideas and helps person to organize ideas.  

Third: To organize ideas according to the any kind of order

 There are many ways to organize ideas according to any kind of order. I usually organize ideas according to chronological order or logical order because of topics I decide to write.

Finally I start to write

I start to write after this preparation but it is still difficult to write something for me and required a lot of efforts. I recompose the structure of my writing usually and may be I change my topic completly different than before.

Is it something helpful to share my experience of writing? I hope it can be helpful for someone to get some idea of writing.