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After watching "The hidden life of Rosa Parks"


今週のお題「会いたい人」ROSA PARKS

Yesterday I watched this Video " The hidden life of Rosa Parks" and then I could not stop thinking how we can have a radical spirit as ROSA PARKS had. 

As I remember, in my jouniour high school days,  I have read her story in English text book, which is about her fateful decision on a Montgomery Bus. But I never know that through out her life,  she has coninued to fight against racial violence and the prejudiced systems protecting its perpetrators, even though she had to pay her personal price.

Today we face the fact of increasing hate crime after COVID-19 pandemic. 
If we are facing to recial violence infront of us, how can we have the courage to strive against it. 

According to the video, Rosa had been keeping fury at racial injustice. I believe that this  anger was always behind the civil activism which she joined and led. I am not sure that how she can keep this strong feeling but I am sure that it played a very important role to continue this activism.

I must investigate a lot of case of human life but it seems that the emotion of anger remain through all of her life. However Rosa grew more incenced  at the limitations of African American imposed, is it possible for human being to hold an emotion through entire his or her life?  I belive that most of person is unable to hold it thorough their lives.

Image by SplitShire from Pixabay

The reason behind is connecting to the mystery of human exsitence, i.e. inner calling.

A historical charcter such as Rosa gives me a question
"Where do we come from before birth and where we'll go after death?"
Anyway, I must investigate a lot of cases to reach something important. In this sence, I would like to meet Rosa Parks to ask what led her into fight against racial injustice and how she could keep the motivation to continue, even she paid personal price a lot.