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Writing Practice: Make a daily habit, Day 5 "Review"

In the corse of Academic and Business Writing in edX, students are assigned to review a film or television show. This review doesn't meet the condition of the assignment but I am going to review this program above "THE DARK HISTORY OF IQ TESTS" as my personal writing practice.

This program was telling the dark history of IQ tests. After watching it, I assume that IQ tests were built for the children who need individualized attention in order to aide their development in education.

You will know in the program that this measurement, in contrary, has been used to justify horrific policies, such as to the murder of children based on Low IQ, and it has been used to the  reasoning to categorize people  into who are worth and worthless.

This short video program evoked eerie feeling to me and I imaginally saw the devil behind history of mankind. I totally agree that individual should not be categorized by a single numerical score as this program tells in the end.