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Pop-ups Week1, Academic and Business Writing by BerkelyX in edX

This is the optional Assignment of Week1.
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Pop-ups Week1, Topic1

What company/business is having the greatest impact in the world today is Big tech, i.e. Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon.And among their business, the greatest impact in the world today comes through Social Media in my opinion.It was difficult for ordinary people to access the information individually before the appearance of the Internet and the information was hidden somehow.

Even though since the appearance of the Internet, people still had been having difficulty to spread the information and their voice.But this has been completely changed since Social Media service appears.

Social Media has given the ordinary people are able to transmit the information and their voice. In other words, today people have the way to show what happens there through Social media immediately and this tool became very important to be against the information control.

For example, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc., we often meet the information which Mass media doesn't transmit often and like, our tweet can be a social movement.

This above is the positive side of Social Media but of course, there is the negative side.
There are too many Fake news and Political agitation in Social Media. It is much more difficult to find out whether the information is legitimate or not than before. It is easy for the people to addict to Social Media and spend time with nothing worthy.

However very bad aspect of Social Media are there, it is rather better than being under control of the information, condition of no freedom of expression, and condition of no freedom of speech. Because we know the history what happens if we have no freedom of those, we must be abused or oppressed by people in power.