This blog is about Travel, Japan and Sharing ideas about life and et cetera.

Homework: Your journal 1, Academic and Business Writing by BerkeleyX in edX

Actually this is my first blog in English.

I'm sure that there are many grammatical mistakes and wrong expressions.
But I hope that you will tlerate my poor English and be kind to correct them.

If I haven't take the course in edX, Academic and Business Writing by BerkelyX, I wouldn't start this blog in English.

I am not sure that if I have the right to copy and paste the assigment  in the course here. However it is recommended to show my assignment in the blog in the couse.

Thus If you would like to see the fully task of this assignment , please register the course, Academic and Business Writing, BerkelyX in edX. It is free to register and take course but it is required to upgrade it to get evaluated and to pass the course with cetificate.

Week 1 Assignment

I have been kept to focus writing blog posts for 2 or 3 weeks from the motivation to be more independent,not to depend on the company which I have a contract as a freelancer.

In my blog, firstly I posted my China trip with my Chinese girlfriend and my mother but it could not reach the level of the content to earn money. The result was not so successful because of my lack of experience of writing and I am still on the way to be a more creative writer.I have to study further about SEO and how to compose content in the writing.

My blog is written in Japanese and its about Digital Nomad experience, travel, study,technology,etc., so I usually write something useful to share but haven't written my perspective much.

However I write blog posts often now, to be honest, I dread writing, more proper to say that, I am struggling in it. Especially if I have to write something in foreign language, I must be struggling in writing.

My goal of this course it to be a more creative writer but also to be a good business writer and to be a better essay writer as well. I would like to improve above all field of writing to make more creative contents, business better, and be good at academic studies in the future.